Initial Optimisations For Your TradingView Strategy


If you followed our previous article you should now have a simple SMA CROSS strategy added to your chart. One thing you will notice though is that the strategy always plots an SMA with 100 periods, but ideally we will want to check different SMA values especially when trying the strategy in a different timeframe.… Continue reading Initial Optimisations For Your TradingView Strategy

Programming Your First TradingView Strategy


Following our previous post on creating your first indicator on TradingView we will go ahead and turn the indicator into a trading strategy. Changing from "study" to "strategy" The main difference between creating an indicator and a strategy is the first line of the code, we will no longer use "study" function to start our… Continue reading Programming Your First TradingView Strategy

Aluna.Social Platform Update (April 2020)


We're thrilled to announce the launch of two key features that make Aluna.Social a true social trading platform, and brings us closer to our goal of providing a transparent environment where aspiring retail crypto traders can thrive. Earlier this week, we announced the launch of Copy Trading, a highly sought-after feature by crypto traders everywhere.… Continue reading Aluna.Social Platform Update (April 2020)

Programming your First TradingView Indicator


Anyone looking into automated crypto trading, or been on crypto twitter or telegram has likely stumbled upon a TradingView chart. Sooner or later will be wondering how to write indicators and test their trading strategies, and that’s exactly what we will be exploring in some of our next articles. What is Pine Script? If you looked… Continue reading Programming your First TradingView Indicator