Aluna.Social Platform Update (April 2020)

We’re thrilled to announce the launch of two key features that make Aluna.Social a true social trading platform, and brings us closer to our goal of providing a transparent environment where aspiring retail crypto traders can thrive.

Earlier this week, we announced the launch of Copy Trading, a highly sought-after feature by crypto traders everywhere. This cements Aluna.Social as the first and only platform that enables automated copy trading across multiple crypto exchanges, including Bitfinex.

To complement this, the Aluna Leaderboard will provide users with an easy way to choose leader traders based on performance, risk, and consistency.

Finally, we’ve also upgraded our TradingView widget to custom charts, and updated our whitepaper.

Multi-Exchange Copy Trading

Copy trading and Counter-Copy trading are now enabled for Bitfinex on Aluna.Social.

If you want to copy other traders, connect your Bitfinex account to use this feature.

If you are a leader trader, you can add read-only API key for Bitfinex and start sharing your trades automatically, alternatively you can also add an API key with Trading permissions and manage your orders and positions through the Aluna platform.

Global Cross-Exchange Leaderboard

The Aluna Leaderboard is a cross-exchange leaderboard showing the best and worst performing traders across the World’s top crypto exchanges.

You can filter the leaderboard by year, month, or all-time, and also sort traders by:

  • Performance (sum of all positions PnL%),
  • Win Rate (% of positions that closed profitable),
  • Total number of trades
All-time Leaderboard on Aluna.Social

The performance of every trade is normalised based on a weighted-average price difference, discounting any margin or leverage used.

E.g. If two traders on Bitfinex margin and BitMEX open a BTC/USD Long from $10,000 and close the position at $11,000, both their Aluna PnL% will be +10%.

Custom TradingView Charts

Our TradingView widget charts are now replaced with customised TradingView charts. This allows us to show your orders and positions on the chart, and you can also add indicators, use drawing tools and soon be able to save your own customised settings.

Whitepaper v1.2

We’ve updated our whitepaper to reflect the progress made over the past year, including changes to the roadmap and token allocation.

Aluna Platform Development Next Steps

Our next steps are to:

  • add support for more exchanges, including BitMEX and Binance Futures,
  • add more order types, and
  • implement gamification, rewards and incentive systems.

Coming Soon: BitMEX integration

You’ll soon be able to view and manage your BitMEX balances, orders and positions.

Coming Soon: Binance Futures integration

Binance Spot markets are already functioning and we have recently added margin and futures wallets in read-only mode. We look forward to enabling trading execution on Binance Futures along with copy-trading in the next months.

Coming Soon: Signals

A new feature will enable Leader Traders to create strategies on TradingView and automate them to trade via Aluna.Social.

These will appear in a Signals section, and follower traders will be able to select individual strategies to copy, instead of copying all the trades from the leader trader.

Coming Soon: Token Bounty Campaign

We will be hosting our first token bounty campaign on the platform in Q2 2020. Users will earn ALN tokens by connecting their exchange account, executing margin or futures trades and referring friends.

This is an exciting first step in our plans to gamify the platform, and implement incentive systems that reward active users, leader traders and the best performing traders. More details will be shared in our next platform update, including features such as prediction games, token rewards pool, and a performance pool from subscription fees.

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