The Aluna (ALN) Token is Live!

We’re happy to announce that ALN, our ERC-20 token, is live on the Ethereum mainnet!

Together with the exceptional team at we have built an ERC-20 token with one very important extra feature: being able to take payments in ALN and automatically forwarding part of payments received to our Rewards Pool.

What is the Rewards Pool?

The Rewards Pool is a Smart Contract which will be used to award and incentivise users on the platform.

For instance, in the next couple of months, we will be launching a LEADERBOARD and will be awarding the best traders monthly and yearly with ALN Tokens.

How will I be able to use my ALN tokens?

Once we launch paid plans, users paying for Aluna subscriptions with ALN tokens (as opposed to using other cryptocurrencies ) will receive a discount.

Our roadmap also includes prediction games which will allow users to back their predictions using ALN tokens. Users will then be rewarded with tokens if their predictions turn out to be correct.

Where can I see the code?

You can now see it on Github:

You will notice all our contracts are based on which not only allowed the development to be more efficient but also gave us an extra peace of mind as the contracts have been tested and used before by reputable projects.

Another neat feature you will notice is that our contacts are upgradeable which means we will be able to add extra features to the contracts as the project evolves. Find out more in this “What is an Upgrade” article on the OpenZeppelin documentation.

How does Aluna manage the tokens?

We created a Gnosis’s multi-sig wallet to manage the smart contracts.

The multi-sig wallet is set up so we need 2 out of 3 signatures in order to execute transactions. In other words, none of the 3 wallet owners can execute a transaction on their own. This means that in a case where one of the three wallet owners loses access to his own account, the other 2 owners are still able to execute transactions securely also it makes it nearly impossible for a malicious attacker to take control over the smart contracts as they would have to compromise 2 out of the 3 owners of the multi-sig wallet.

How can I see my ALN balance?

In order to see your ALN balances you can simply add this Token Contract Address to your wallet: 0x1b7B723e66A0Dd33E8f5e8ec039B51acafCD66a5

For more information about the Aluna Platform and the Aluna Token please visit our token website and create your account on our trading platform:

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