Aluna.Social Platform Update (December 2019)

We’re excited to introduce a major update to the Aluna.Social platform that went live earlier this week! With this update, we’ve made some design changes and quality of life improvements to make your experience on Aluna smoother.

What’s new?

  • New Insights Feed
  • Improved Mobile Design
  • Trader & Position Cards
  • Password Login & 2FA Implementation
  • New Position Page with an Updated Comments Section
  • New Default Profile Pictures

New Insights Feed


In the old Insights design, we found that it was difficult to browse through what users say vs what they do, and there wasn’t much use with the “Followers” tab which showed only the Insights of the users you followed vs all users on the platform. In this new design, we have made it easier for you to view live trades vs comments posted by users.

Insights that are automatically generated, such as opening positions, are now handled by an @Aluna bot to easily differentiate them from user-generated Insights.

New & Improved Mobile Design


We’ve made big improvements to our Mobile design with this update! This includes a Balances list with USD and BTC estimates of your total holdings. Balances are also separated by exchange for easier viewing, with dropdown menus to expand and view your full holdings on each exchange.


Design improvements have also been made to the Orders and Positions view, as well as the individual Position pages.

Trader & Position Cards


When you hover your mouse over a @username or over a Position on the Insights page, you’ll now see a card with some basic details about the user or position.

Password Login & 2FA Implementation


We’re discarding the password-less login system due to issues that users face when on mobile, and reverting back to the old school email/password login.

For improved security, we have also implemented 2FA so you can rest assured that your sensitive data and API keys are safe!

New Position Page with an Updated Comments Section


This update also includes an improvement to our Position page on desktops, with an update to the Comments section, making it easier to navigate and see what’s happening at one glance.

New Default Profile Pictures


In line with making gamification an integral part of the Aluna.Social platform, we have introduced a custom set of default profile pictures that are colourful and fun.

That rounds up our December 2019 update. If you haven’t already, come check out the new release at!

What To Expect In Our Next Update

To top it all off, we have some exciting new features in the pipeline, some of which will be launching next month! This includes:

  • Copy-trading & Counter-trading
  • Leaderboard
  • BitMEX Integration
  • Sending Signals via TradingView
  • Automation of Signals sent via TradingView
  • Custom Chart Layouts

Copy-trading & Counter-trading on Bitfinex


The most exciting feature that many people have been looking forward to will be here soon! Copy-trading on Bitfinex will be enabled in our next update.

At some point, you must have thought to yourself, “if only I could counter-trade myself, I’d be rich!” Well, now you can! Along with copy-trading, we are launching counter-trading, which allows you to automatically make the exact opposite trades of any trader.



With exchanges launching Leaderboards left and right, how could a multi-exchange social platform like Aluna.Social do without one? Look forward to a cross-exchange leaderboard and trading competitions coming soon!

That’s it! For more updates like this, follow our Twitter and Telegram channels to keep up to date with our latest developments.

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