Aluna.Social Interface Tour & Key Features (Cryptocurrency Copy Trading Terminal)

It is free to register an account on Aluna.Social and takes less than 30 seconds.

In this article we bring you on a tour of our multi-exchange cryptocurrency trading interface, highlight key features, plus tips on making the most out of your Aluna.Social trading experience.

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Aluna.Social: Homepage (Insights)

On the Aluna homepage, you will see ‘Insights’ in the middle column. Insights is a micro-blogging feature where users can write 280 characters of text to share their thoughts on the market with the community. These comments appear on one’s own profile, as well as on the global timeline here on the homepage. When you use #hashtags and $cashtags, the Insights also appear on the individual coin pages in Markets. Finally, when a user opens a margin/futures trade, details of the trade are also posted on the Insights global timeline on the homepage.

Aluna.Social homepage: Insights (280-char micro blogging feature)

On the sides of the homepage, you will also find community statistics such as the “Most Followed” traders, the “Best Trades” and “Worst Trades” among all margin positions that are open on the Aluna platform, along with a list of “Top Gainers” and “Top Losers” in the cryptocurrency market over the past 24 hours.

Aluna.Social: Navigation

The navigation bar is located at the top of your screen, and you can access Insights, Markets, and the Leaderboard on the left.

Aluna Navigation Bar > Pages

On the top right, you can click on your Username to go to your profile, check your Balances, Positions, and Orders, see your Trading Activity and Notifications, and access the Menu.

Aluna Navigation Bar > Profile, Portfolio, Notifications, Menu

From the Menu, click on the Settings button to access your account’s settings and account integrations such as connecting with exchanges (to enable portfolio management & API trading), our Telegram Bot (to manage your portfolio & trade directly via Telegram), and Twitter.

Aluna Navigation > Menu

Aluna.Social: Markets

Click on Markets on the top left to go to the Aluna Markets page. Here, you can find a list of all cryptocurrencies that are trading on exchanges which are integrated with Aluna.

Aluna Markets page: List of all cryptocurrencies that are trading on exchanges integrated with Aluna

Clicking on any of the cryptocurrencies will bring you to its specific Coin page.

On the Coin page (e.g. Ethereum pictured below), you’ll find a custom TradingView chart with drawing tools and indicators, and also shows your open orders, entries and exits on the chart.

Aluna Markets > Coin page: Trading Panel, Chart, Social Trading Data – Ethereum (ETH)

On the left you can find a dropdown list of all of the coin’s markets (e.g. ETH/USD on Bitfinex, ETH/USDT on Binance, ETH/USD on BitMEX etc.) that are available on integrated exchanges. After selecting the coin market, click on Exchange, Margin, or Futures below, and use the Order form to execute trades directly to your crypto exchange account.

Note that you will first need to connect your exchange API key to Aluna to enable trading.

On the right column, you’ll see a list of Insights from the community that included the coin’s hashtag or cashtag (e.g. #eth or $eth), a list of users who own the coin and are holding it on their connected exchange account, as well as a list of open margin/futures trades for this coin.

Aluna.Social: Positions

Every margin/futures trade is public and has its own Position page, while private information such as position size are kept hidden from public.

Aluna.Social Position page: @be42now ETH/USD Long with 4 copiers

Aluna.Social: Leaderboard

The Aluna Leaderboard features a list of all traders on Aluna and their overall trading performance across multiple exchanges. This gives you an easy way to find and sort traders based on their performance, risk, and consistency.

Traders appear on the leaderboard once they have closed a Position on a Margin or Futures market. This includes trades executed on Bitfinex Margin, Binance Futures, or BitMEX.

Aluna Cross-exchange Leaderboard: Best & Worst traders by month, year, or all-time

It currently features the trader’s performance (sum of PnL% across all trades), win rate (no. of wins ÷ total trades), and the number of trades in the period, and can be sorted by month, year, or all-time.

We will soon introduce the AlunaPnL%, a PnL% that discounts any leverage used, and normalises performance across different exchanges. It is measured using the weight-average price difference between opening and closing positions, so that traders on Bitfinex vs BitMEX who capture the same price change on a trade will have the same AlunaPnL% regardless of leverage used.

Aluna Leaderboard Tournaments: Trading Competitions with Prizes

Users automatically enroll in the Leaderboard by connecting an exchange account and executing margin/futures trades, and will be eligible to take part in Trading Competitions.

Aluna.Social: Connect an Exchange Account

Connect an exchange API key to get the most out of your Aluna account. Read our blog to find out how to:

You can add two types of API keys; a read-only API key, or one with trading permissions.

In read-only mode you can view your portfolio. While you will not be able to execute trades on Aluna with a read-only key, you will automatically share your trades when you execute margin & futures trades on your connected exchange account, enrolling you on the Leaderboard while enabling other users to copy-trade you.

FeaturesRead-only API KeyTrading API Key
Portfolio management
Trade execution
Sharing your trades
Leaderboard & Trading competitions
Copy trading & Counter-copy trading
Summary of features enabled by adding exchange API keys with read-only vs trading permissions

Furthermore, you earn benefits such as incentives & rewards, and more. To learn more, read out blog post about the benefits of connecting your exchange API key to Aluna.

Aluna.Social: User Profiles

Every trader on Aluna.Social has a public Profile. On the Profile page, you will find a pie chart of the trader’s portfolio distribution, his Insights, open margin/futures trades and trading history.

Aluna Profile: Portfolio distribution, Insights, Live Trades and Trading History

By clicking on the “See trade history” button on the bottom right, you will find a list of all open and closed positions, along with performance stats and a chart of performance by month.

Aluna Profile: Trading history performance stats and chart

Private information such as position size, exact balances, and $ profit, are all kept hidden from public.

Aluna.Social: Portfolio Management

After connecting your exchange account, you can check your balances, along with your open orders, positions, and trading history.

Aluna Portfolio Management: View balances, positions and orders across all your crypto exchange accounts in one place

In addition, you can connect your Aluna account with our Telegram Bot, to manage your portfolio via Telegram, and soon execute trades by typing “/[long/short/buy/sell] [exchange] [market] [amount] [price]”, e.g. “/long bitfinex btc_eth 1 0.02”.

Aluna Telegram Bot: Manage your crypto portfolio on-the-go

Aluna.Social: Copy Trading

Copy Trading enables users to automatically copy positions when a selected user (called “Leader Trader”) opens a position.

Aluna also introduces a novel feature called Counter-Copy Trading, which allows you to do the opposite of what the Leader Trader is doing. For instance, if your Leader Trader opens a LONG on BTC USD you’ll open a SHORT, then when they close their LONG position your SHORT will be closed at the same time.

Aluna.Social: Copy Trading & Counter-copy Trading

If you want to copy other traders, connect your exchange account to use this feature.

If you are a leader trader, you can add read-only API key and start sharing your trades automatically. Alternatively you can also add an API key with Trading permissions and manage your orders and positions through the Aluna platform.

Read this post for a step-by-step guide on using Copy Trading.


Aluna.Social combines the best of trading terminals & social networks to create a gamified & transparent social trading environment where aspiring crypto traders can thrive.

On Aluna’s gamified multi-exchange social trading terminal, you can:

  • Manage your cryptocurrency portfolio across all your exchange accounts from one single place
  • See what other traders are saying and doing
  • Find the best traders to automatically copy trade
  • Earn rewards for being active traders, referring friends, performing well and winning trading competitions
  • Engage with and learn from the community to become better traders

Join us today! Registering for an account is free and takes less than 30 seconds.

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