Benefits of Connecting Your Crypto Exchange API keys to Aluna.Social

Aluna.Social is a cryptocurrency trading terminal where you can connect and manage multiple crypto exchange accounts in one place, combined with a social network where users share their insights, portfolio distribution and real-time trades.

One of the key things you can do on Aluna is to connect your cryptocurrency exchange API keys, which enables features such as API Trading and Portfolio Management tools.

In this article, we introduce these features, and explain the benefits of connecting your exchange API keys to the Aluna trading platform. Register for a free Aluna account today to get started!

Cryptocurrency API Trading on Aluna.Social

By connecting your exchange API keys to Aluna, you automatically enable several features, including:

  1. Portfolio management
  2. Trading execution across multiple exchanges
  3. Sharing your trades
  4. Leaderboard & Trading competitions
  5. Copy & Counter-copy trading

1. Crypto Portfolio Management

View your balances, portfolio distribution, and keep track of your real-time and unforgeable trading data, performance and statistics — seamlessly across all your connected exchange accounts.

a) View your balances

Check your balances, along with your open orders, positions, and trading history.

View balances, positions and orders across all your crypto exchange accounts in one place

b) View your portfolio distribution

An aggregated portfolio distribution pie can be found on your Profile page, which shows your portfolio allocation across different crypto assets.

View your own and other traders’ portfolio distribution pie

c) View your trading performance and other stats

As you execute trades on the connected exchanges, Aluna automatically generates trading performance statistics and shows you a chart of your monthly performance. You can also view these stats on the profiles of other traders.

View your trading performance statistics generated automatically from your trades on connected exchanges
View your trading performance over time generated automatically from your trades on connected exchanges

2. Trading Execution Across Multiple Crypto Exchanges

By adding an API key with trading permissions, you will be able to execute trades via the Aluna UI, and by talking to our Telegram Bot. This means you can not only view but also manage your portfolio, including closing positions, creating and editing orders.

3. Share Your Trades

Even if you only add a read-only API key, you will automatically start sharing your portfolio distribution and real-time margin & futures trades on your Aluna profile.

4. Leaderboard & Trading Competitions

Executing margin & futures trades on your connected exchange accounts will also automatically enroll you on the Aluna Leaderboard and qualify you for Trading Competitions.

5. Copy Trading & Counter-copy Trading

If you are a leader trader, add your read-only API key to share your trades and allow others to start copying you. If you want to automatically copy someone else’s trades, you must add an API key with trading permissions.

FeaturesRead-only API KeyTrading API Key
Portfolio management
Trade execution
Sharing your trades
Leaderboard & Trading competitions
Copy trading & Counter-copy trading
Summary of features enabled by adding exchange API keys with read-only vs trading permissions

Benefits of Connecting Your Exchange Accounts to Aluna.Social

Besides gaining access to the features above, traders who add their exchange API keys also benefit from earning rewards, social recognition, and bragging rights.

1. Incentives & Rewards

At the end of Beta, Aluna will roll out Monthly Subscription Plans for premium features. We also introduce 2 incentive mechanisms that reward traders for a) performing well, and b) being active users who help to grow the platform and network.

Firstly, we are implementing a Performance-based Incentive Model to reward leader traders, and better align interests between leader traders and copy-traders. Up to 50% of our monthly subscription fees are allocated to a Performance Pool, which is then paid out and shared among profitable leader traders, and incentivises leader traders to perform as well as possible.

Secondly, native token integrations such as the Token Rewards Pool, along with gamification features, will reward traders for connecting their exchange accounts, sharing their trades, copy-trading others, and winning trading competitions.


Note: While Aluna is in Beta, features are free, and there are no rewards for leaders.

2. Your Aluna Profile is a Trust-pass

As TraderXO pointed out on Twitter, there’s no good way to prove one’s real trades and performance. Until now.

Called the bottom? Bought the dip? Sold the top?

Talk is cheap. Prove it with your Aluna profile!

Aluna profiles feature real-time trade entries and exits that cannot be fabricated

Aluna’s unforgeable “Proof-of-Performance” provides an easy way for you to share and prove your crypto trading track record.

3. Social Recognition & Bragging Rights

Build up your reputation as you become a profitable leader trader and climb the leaderboard.

All-time top traders on the Aluna Leaderboard

Longed the dip & shorted the top? Share your trades on other social media platforms!

Are you the #1 trader on the Aluna Leaderboard? Share your Aluna profile with the World!

Connect Your Crypto Exchange Account to Aluna Today!

Register for a free Aluna account today to get started, and visit our blog post to learn how to connect your exchange account to Aluna.

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