How to Take Part in the EQT to ALN Token Swap

The EQT to ALN swap will start on 13th January 2020, 00:00h GMT, and end on 10th February 2020, 23:59h GMT.

10,000,000 ALN is allocated to the Token Swap, which will be distributed to everyone who takes part, based on how many EQT coins you sent for the swap.

If a total of 1,000,000 EQT is sent for the swap, you will receive 10 ALN for every 1 EQT sent.
If a total of 10,000,000 EQT is sent for the swap, you will receive 1 ALN for every 1 EQT sent.

The EQT to ALN token swap will take place on the Aluna.Social platform. If you don’t already have an Aluna.Social account, sign up here:

Step 0: Navigate to the Swap page

Navigate to the Swap page by clicking on the menu button (bottom left), then “Account”, and then “EQT Swap”. Alternatively, simply click here to go directly to the swap page. You should now see the Swap page.


On the coin swap page, you will see:

  • Total EQT participating in the swap
  • The Deadline for the swap
  • Your number of EQT sent
  • Number of ALN you will receive at the end of the swap (this value is estimated only because the Total EQT participating is not finalised until the swap ends)

Step 1: Connect your MetaMask Wallet

To enable the swap, you will first have to connect your MetaMask wallet to your Aluna Social account. This is where you will receive your ALN tokens at the end of the swap.

Connect your MetaMask wallet to your Aluna account

Click on the “Enable Web3” button on the swap page, or navigate to the “Web3” tab in the Account Settings menu, or simply click here. Follow the instructions on-screen to connect your MetaMask account. For a tutorial on how to do so, please visit our blog post.

Note that you can only do this on a desktop/laptop, as connecting your MetaMask is currently not supported on Mobile.

Step 2: Generate a Unique EQT Address

Click “Generate EQT Address”

Click on the “Generate EQT Address” button. This creates a unique EQT address only for your account.

Step 3: Send EQT to your Unique EQT Address

Your Unique EQT Address Generated

Send your EQT to the unique address before the deadline in order to receive your ALN.

Swap Closed

You will receive your ALN in the connected MetaMask wallet within 7 days from the swap deadline.

If you run into any issues, please contact us at, or reach out to any admin in our Telegram group.

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