Connecting MetaMask to your Aluna Social account

Since we started Aluna Social, we have been thinking about how Smart Contracts can help us improve the platform, make it less centralised, more transparent and hopefully a little bit more fun.

Today we are happy to announce that we have updated our Settings Page so users can connect their Web3 wallets, such as MetaMask, to their Aluna Social accounts. Doing so will enable users to receive Airdrops, take part in the Token Swap, receive rewards, and participate in other Web3 related features on our roadmap.

Sign Up on Aluna Social

If you are still not registered, go ahead and create a profile on Aluna Social. Signing up won’t take more than 1 minute:

Once you are logged in, go to Menu > Account > Web3 (or simply click here).

Install MetaMask

MetaMask is a neat browser plugin which works as an Ethereum wallet directly integrated on your browser, in other words, it makes our lives much easier when interacting with Web3 Applications.

Install MetaMask to get started

If you still don’t have MetaMask installed, please go ahead and install https://metamask.ioFor more information on how to install and use MetaMask, read here.

Connect MetaMask to Aluna Social

If you didn’t have MetaMask installed before, refresh your page. On the Account > Web3 page, you should now be on Step 2, and see a button “Connect Metamask”.

Click “Connect MetaMask” in order to allow Aluna Social website to interact with MetaMask

Once you click “Connect Metamask”, MetaMask will ask for permission to talk to the Aluna Social website.

Clicking “Connect” will allow Aluna Social to interact with MetaMask

Now that you have allowed MetaMask to communicate with Aluna Social, you just need to verify your account by signing a simple message with the current date. To go ahead, click “Verify your account”.

Clicking “Verify your account” will open a MetaMask popup
Click “Sign” to sign the message and connect your account

Once you sign the message it just takes a couple seconds for the page to update and confirm you have your account connected.

It worked!

That’s it! Very simple, especially if you already have MetaMask installed.

Now you’re ready to participate in future Airdrops, Token Swaps, and other Web3 features we’re working on (described in our Whitepaper).

For more platform tutorials, check out our Youtube channel here. If you need any help please feel free to get in touch with!

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