About Us

What is Aluna Social?

Aluna.Social combines the best of a trading terminal and social network in one. Connect and manage all your exchange accounts in one place, leverage on community insights, and learn from the most profitable and consistent traders in a transparent social trading environment.

Who are we?

We are a team of dedicated traders, developers and designers who have been trading cryptocurrencies discretionarily and algorithmically since 2013. Having had prior experience trading legacy markets, transitioning to trading crypto assets was a natural step for us. Since then, we’ve spent years engaging with the crypto trading community and developed Aluna.Social as the solution to some of the biggest problems that we faced as traders ourselves.

What are our goals?

Our mission is to train the next generation of consistently profitable traders, by providing specially designed tools to help traders at every step of their process, from education to monitoring and analysis, to execution and automation.

In a bid to reduce information asymmetry, Aluna.Social combines real trading data with rich community and social characteristics into the trading platform. As part of the Aluna traders’ network, traders who choose to be part of the community share their strategies and performance with the community, enabling others to learn from their actions and automatically copy their trades. Such transparent environments make a trader more careful with his trades, enables him to learn from his own and others’ mistakes, ultimately improving his trading performance.